Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tryazon SmartGames:Master of the brains party review

I was selected to host a SmartGames party to try out some of their games. Here is their website The games we tried were IQ XOXO, Busy Bugs, and Ghost Hunters. I was hosting a House Party Kikkoman dinner party along with the SmartGames and having the games helped the guests be entertained while the food finished cooking.
 Here are a few kids playing while waiting for others to come and the food to be ready. My oldest son likes the IQ XOXO game and played it all night. Here he is playing it.

Here is everyone trying to play with the minimal lighting we had. Everyone at the party enjoyed the games and played them all night. Overall they are fun games and are brain teasers that are great for age 5 to 99.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Review of Jif™ Peanut Butter and Naturally Flavored Cinnamon Spread

As many of my readers are aware I am all about trying things for free and then telling everyone about the items. One of the sites I receive sponsored products from is Crowdtap. I was selected from an application to sample Jif Peanut Butter and Naturally Flavored Cinnamon Spread. I was on the fence about purchasing this spread when I first heard about it as I was concerned the cinnamon flavor would be too overwhelming. When I received my sample my children were excited to try it. I put some bread in the toaster and put the spread on it. I was pleasantly surprised that the cinnamon flavor was not overwhelming and in fact after biting into my toast the flavor reminded me more of a peanut butter and honey flavor. The peanut butter and honey flavor took me back to my childhood eating peanut butter and honey with my father. I also tried the spread in my favorite cookie recipe of No Bake Oatmeal cookies. I substituted half a cup of peanut butter with half a cup of the peanut butter and naturally flavored spread. The cookies tasted good. I would recommend this product to my friends and my readers. The only downfall is there is not a bigger container.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Q Wunder EQTainment Review #QWunder #Tryazon

On September 23rd I had a party at my home to introduce my friends and their children to EQtainment's Q the monkey, games, stories, stuffed animal, TV episode, and app. Here is a picture of what I got for free

My youngest was excited for the party pack and wanted to open it right away. EQtainment created Q a genius monkey that lives with the Wunder family. Although Q is a genius he does not always know the correct way to react to different situations or emotional times. EQtainment is trying to help parents and teachers teach children emotional intelligence. Here is a link to their website:
The game is Q's Race To The Top, it is a 4 player board game with 3 different colored cards that match the path to the top of the board. The cards are "You", "Q", and "Do". "You" cards are blue and they are cards asking the player a situational question ie: "You want to talk to your mother, but she is talking to another adult, what would you do?" The "Q" cards are green and ask situational questions involving Q the monkey ie: "Q's sister Mila has drawn a beautiful picture that everyone praises her for. Q has drawn a better picture, what should Q do with his picture?" The "Do" cards are orange and are activities for the player to actually do ie: "Bend your elbows with your hands out like you are holding a tray. Turn one hand opposite to the other, then switch. Do this 20 times." I have played this game with children 3 years-9 years old and they all enjoyed it and asked to play it again. One thing I did notice is when doing the "Do" cards everyone starts to do the activity, which I think is fun and cooperative. Here is a link to the game: 

In addition to Q's Race To The Top game there was a to go version that includes the cards in a tin. There is no board only questions and actions. Here is the link to that:

We also got a Q-Time Buddy to use to help children have quiet time and learn to focus. The plush has some weighted middle. Here is the product link:

While waiting for all the guests to come to the party the kids were able to color in the Q coloring book. It has comments on each picture:

After the board game was done I put the CD in my computer to have the children listen to the storybook about Q's Wild Ride:

While listening to the story I told the parents there about the Q-Wunder app that they could download to interact more with Q. Here are the 2 links they sent me to share the app. It has a $7.99 monthly subscription fee.
Apple / iOs: 

Here is a link to show more about the app:

Now that I've described the products I will say that all of my children 3 yrs-14 yrs enjoy the game and the coloring book. My 3 year old hears the Q theme song and comes running to watch, even though it is the same episode since we did not sign up for the monthly app subscription. The episode on the app will personalize it to your child's name. My friend that I co-hosted the party with had downloaded the app and when we clicked on the video it said my son's name. That helps the child be more involved and feel part of the action. I think the concept is great and was glad to be selected to host the EQtainment- The Q Wunder Movement Party that I applied to at #Tryazon parents and teachers I have shared the EQtainment products with like the idea of teaching emotional intelligence and how cute Q Wunder the monkey is.
If you would like to get in on the Q Wunder movement and purchase any of these products there is a 20% off code: House Party
to use on the EQtainment website.

Overall I like the products that were provided in the party pack. The app has not been a huge hit with my family, the only thing my children have had access to is the one pilot episode, which can get old. I like the app concept though and tracking my children's path and progress, I'm just not able to purchase a monthly subscription. Maybe the option for a one time purchase for the app would be something my family could consider.
I did get products free to review, my opinion is 100% honest.
Pictures of the party goers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo Review

I'm not sure I get the whole dry shampoo craze. I've tried a few small samples of dry shampoo and was like OK these would be great when I have no water to clean my hair. Well the Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo that I received for free to try and review changed my mind. I wash my hair to style my hair and part of styling my hair is blow drying it. Blow drying hair is not great for frizzy hair and my hair has frizz. My blow dryer bit the dust so washing my hair with water would mess up my done hair. When I was selected for the voxbox from Influenster I was a bit skeptical, however it came in handy for me not wanting to wash my hair with water. The first thing I noticed was the lovely scent. It smelled refreshing and like I had gotten out of the shower. My younger daughter enjoyed the smell too and asked for me to use it on her as well. My hair does not get super oily so I didn't notice any change with that. I did notice that my hair was less frizzy after using it. Here is a before and after picture
Big difference, my hair looks sleeker. I would recommend this to family and friends.  

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer Review

I have been trying different products for a long time, I've finally decided to write more blog reviews about the products. I may not articulate my thoughts as well as I would like as I am a verbal person, however here goes another review. I received a sample of Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer free to try and review from Crowdtap and Curel, the opinions are my own. At first when I tried the moisturizer it felt strange applying it to my wet skin. It did not seem right to me. I then patted my skin dry and it did not have any residue left over so that was a relief. It took a bit to remember to apply before drying since I'm used to applying to dry skin. I did get used to it and applied it after every shower and even after washing my hands. I put the sample right by my towel so I would remember to use it before drying off. My skin was looking pretty dry and was white and flaky before I started using this. I am sad I did not catch a before picture, but here is an after
. I would recommend this to friends and others. I have sensitive skin and this did not irritate me at all. 

Review of Sweet Creations by Good Cook

I was given the chance to try some new products from Sweet Creations by Good Cook. The products I got were a cake/cake pop stand, cupcake corer, cupcake scoop, cupcake divider, cupcake boxes, cupcake liners, and oodletip star point tips for decorating. In the party pack I also got a gift card to purchase ingredients to make and frost cupcakes. I lined my cupcake pans with the liners provided to me for free. The liners were cute, but nothing super special from other liners that I have used. I mixed the cake batter and did made a video using the scoop provided in the pack. Here is the link for that video . I was not that impressed by the scoop, I think the bottom of the scoop should be flat so the batter does not come out of the scoop while I'm filling the cupcake pan. I then decided to use the divider and make a double cupcake flavor. I found it is easier to use the divider in a square pan rather than a round pan. Here is my video link using the divider . The divider is fun to use and I like it. The next thing I tested was the cupcake/cake pop stand. There are 7 pieces to the stand, 4 cross pieces and 3 tiers. You only use 2 of the 4 cross pieces at a time. I'm not sure why the cake pop cross pieces are shorter than the cupcake ones, they seem extra and not needed. I posted links to the products at the bottom of this post.  Once all was baked and cooled it was party time. We used these tips Not the design exactly but the same tip. We all enjoyed the tips and decorating and the corer to fill our cupcakes. So I think the divider, corer, and tips are all great. The boxes were nice, but they weren't as easy to put together as I was hoping. Thanks to Tryazon and Sweet Creations by Good Cook for the #oodletipparty

Corer link:   

Divider link

Cupcake box

Cupcake scoop:

Cupcake/cake pop Stand

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ozobot Review

I was excited (as I usually am when chosen to try out and demo a product), to be picked to host a #Tryazon party sponsored by #Ozobot. My husband is a computer programmer so anything with coding is something my family is interested in. As robots are new to my family it was fun to test out this new bot. I enjoy the tiny bot that follows the lines that either I draw or my children draw on a piece of paper using the pens that came in the starter kit.(something like this There is more to it though, you can program your bot using different colors and color sequences. It also can be used with an app on a smartphone or tablet. We downloaded the app and it is fun to draw the lines and watch the bot follow them and watch it's light change color to that of the line. It is great for a large age range, as my 3 year old enjoys it and my 12 year old enjoys it (I enjoy it as well). I haven't had a chance to get to the programming aspect of the Ozobot yet as every time I get it out my kids swarm to use it. I think it would be a great birthday gift or even Christmas gift. Here is a special link with an offer provided by the makers for the tryazon party goers. Here is my youtube video of my children playing on it 

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22nd- August 28th

Today Monday August 22nd

Cosmo Dive-in Movie $5 The Big Lebowski

Tuesday August 23rd

IHOP is having $1 short stacks to benefit No Kid Hungry 7 AM-7 PM

Wednesday August 24th

Fashion Show Mall Summer Movie Series at 11:30 AM E.T.

Thursday August 25th

Summerlin Summer Screen Series at sundown The Good Dinosuar

Downtown Container Park 8 PM-9:30 PM Finding Nemo

Free movies at West Wind Drive-in 6 PM Ghostbusters, Central Intelligence, Angry Birds, and Tarzan are the options

Friday August 26th

Summer Concert Series at the District at Green Valley Ranch 7 PM-9 PM  Mikey Tucker

Saturday August 27th

Lowes Build and Grow 10 AM-Noon (while supplies last) The Hulk

Lakeshore Learning Craft 11 AM- 3 PM Summer Dreamin' Dream Catcher

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Triathlon Closing event 11 AM

Green Valley Ranch Outdoor Picture Show Minons

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15th- August 21st 2016

Monday August 15th

Dive in Movie at The Cosmo $5 The Devil Wears Prada

Tuesday August 16th

Funset Kids Club at the Galleria Mall 10:30 AM

Crazy Pita in The District at Green Valley Ranch is having a celebrity fundraiser 7PM- 9PM

There is another food thing going on and it's a BOGO, I could not locate the event or which restaurant doing it so when I find out I'll try to post it.

Wednesday August 17th

Fashion Show Mall Summer Movie Series 11:30 AM it's indoors Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

Thursday August 18th

Summerlin Screen Movie Series Inside Out

Downtown Container Park 8 PM- 9:30 PM Ratatouille

Last Movie in The Square at Town Square Rio 2

Friday August 19th

Tastes, Tunes N 'Toons 6 PM at North Las Vegas City Hall Zootopia will show at 8 PM 

The District at Green Valley Ranch Summer Concert Series  7 PM- 9 PM Rein Garcia

Saturday August 20th

Free Admission Super Hero Day at Springs Preserve 10 AM- 6 PM

Lakeshore Learning Store craft 11 AM- 3 PM Make A Face Hand Mirror

Mira Forecasts the Future and The Bot That Scott Built Storytime at Barnes and Noble 11 AM

Back to School Drive at the Galleria at Sunset 20th Anniversary Event 11 AM- 3 PM

Shop and text, Don't drive and text event at The District at Green Valley Ranch with Peyton List 2 PM- 4 PM first 500 people in line at noon will get to meet and greet Peyton 

Outdoor Movie Night at the District in Green Valley 7:30 PM Zootopia

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8th-August 14th 2016

Monday August 8th

Cosmo dive-in Movie $5 Inglorious Basterds

Tuesday August 9th

Regal Summer Movie Express 10 AM $1 at Colonnade The Croods and Dr Seuss' The Lorax 

Regal has it's value days and it cost $6 all day and night

Cinemark has it's value days and it costs $4 all day and night

Wednesday August 10th

(last week) Regal Summer Movie Express 10 AM $1 at Colonnade The Croods and Dr Seuss' The Lorax

(last week) CineMark Summer Movie ClubHouse 10 AM $1 Max

Thursday August 11th

Summerlin Summer Screen Series Zootopia

Downtown Container Park The Incredibles

Movie in the Square at Town Square Book of Life

Friday August 12th

O'Sheas Fridays at the Pool at the Linq for adults free for locals

Summer Music Series at the District at Green Valley Ranch 7 PM- 9 PM Kaylie Foster

Saturday August 13th

Barnes and Noble on Stephanie Rd Milk Goes to School Storytime 11 AM

Lowes Build and Grow 10 AM- Noon (while supplies last) Black Widow

Lakeshore Learning Centers free craft 10 AM- 3 PM Slice of Fun door hanger

Summer Music Series at The District at Green Valley Ranch  7 PM- 9 PM Cameron Dettman

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Insta Fire Review #tryazon #instafire

On August 1st, 2016 I hosted a party to demonstrate a product that I had not heard of called Insta Fire Fire Starter, Insta Fire Charcoal Starter, also some Spice Union Smokin' Chic Rub, and  Spice Union Beef Barbeque Rub. I was selected from at Tryazon and recieved these products free to try and honestly review. The Chic rub was used on the chicken kabobs and the beef rub was used on hot dogs to try something different. I had the party at the nearby park with some neighbors and friends. I was frazzled and did not read the instructions for the Insta Fire Charcoal Starter and did not use it correctly. When some more experienced grillers took over they got the briquettes lit with the Charcoal Starter. They were not impressed by the product.
 This is not the correct way to use it. Do not open the bag you light the bag underneath the grill and briquettes not on top of them. Learn from my mistake. I did try the Insta Fire Fire Starter where you do open the bag and put the contents where you want your fire and light them. My husband and I tried the Fire Starter out prior to the party as I had read it can be lit on water. We used a large width container and put water in it then the Insta Fire Fire Starter on to of the water. The Insta Fire lit, but did not stay lit for very long. 
 This is the picture you can see the small flames. We figured it didn't stay lit very long because the contents needed to stay together and be as dispersed. We were correct and when we put it in a smaller width container it stayed lit for longer. I have a video on my Facebook account also on Youtube, here is the video link
I would use the Insta Fire Fire Starter again and the claims are correct it does stay lit in wind and on top of water/snow. The Spice Union Rubs were not bad, the Chic Rub was not the favorite however the beef one was good on the hot dogs the kids liked it.Thanks to Tryazon , Insta-Fire , and Spice Union for the chance to try these products.  

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1st-August 6th 2016

Free Fiesta Nachos appetizer at Chevy's Fresh Mexican Restaurant. If you tell your server "Sonoma Raceway" your table will get a free Fiesta Nachos. This promotion is good until August 7th

Today Monday August 1st

Cosmo Dive-in Movie $5 doors open at 7 PM Clueless

Fashion Show Mall Disney Store Play Day 2 PM

Tuesday August 2nd

Regal Summer Movie Express $1 at Regal Colonnade at 10 AM
Shaun The Sheep and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Funset Kid's Club at the Galleria Mall at 10:30 AM in the food court

Fashion Show Mall Disney Store Play Day 1 PM

National Night Out for the City of North Las Vegas at Hartke Park 6 PM-9 PM 

Wednesday August 3rd

Regal Summer Movie Express $1 at Regal Colonnade at 10 AM
Shaun The Sheep and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse $1 at 10 AM Shaun The Sheep

Thursday August 4th

Downtown Summerlin Summer Screen Series: Rio

Downtown Container Park 8PM-9PM Star Wars The Force Awakens

Town Square Movie in the Square How To Train Your Dragon 2

Friday August 5th

City of North Las Vegas Movie Madness at 6PM at Nature Discovery Park The Good Dinosaur 

First Friday at Freemont Street

Saturday August 6th

Home Depot Craft 9AM-Noon Skateboard Pencil Box

Cox Back to School Fair at the Galleria Mall 10 AM-4 PM
Lakeshore Learning Store free craft Wild about you friendship bracelets

Barnes and Noble Dinosaurs Love Underpants & Aliens  Storytime 11 AM

Barnes and Noble Author Event N.D. Mellen at 1 PM 

Barnes and Noble Get Pop Culture Event Marvel 7 PM

Monday, July 25, 2016

Disney Store Play Dates

I have only called the Fashion Show Mall Disney Store for their play date hours, if you live closer to anyone you can call and ask their times as they are sadly not posted on the website. The Outlet Mall South on Las Vegas Blvd will hand out the wristbands if you ask a cast member for them and they do it any time of the day. This play date times are subject to change (but usually are correct) and only for this week, they change on Sundays.

Tuesday is at 2:30 PM
Wednesday the play day time is Noon (this is the day a new wristband is giving out for the week)
Thursday is at 12:30 PM
Friday is at 2:00 PM
Saturday is at 2:00 PM

Microsoft has classes that are free, they are also at the Fashion Show Mall. Here is their link of events

Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 25th- July 31st

Disney Store Play Days at the Fashion Show Mall
I'll post times when I get them

Monday July 25th

Dive-in Movies at the Cosmo $5 at 7:30 PM Skyfall

Tuesday July 26th

Regal Summer Movie Express $1 at 10 AM Regal Colonnade The Book of Life and Hotel Transylvania 2

Wednesday July 27th

Cinemark Summer Movie Club House $1 at 10 AM Norm of The North

Regal Summer Movie Express $1 at 10 AM Regal Colonnade The Book of Life and Hotel Transylvania 2

Thursday July 28th

Downtown Summerlin Summer Screen Series Star Wars

Downtown Container Park 8 PM- 9:30 PM Ant Man

Movies in the Square at Town Square Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Friday July 29th

Support the Nevada ESA at the Regional Justice Center

National Cheesecake Day 1/2 price slice of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory 

Zappos and Rogue Toys are having  Fandom Friday: Pokemon Go

Saturday July 30th

National Cheesecake Day 1/2 price slice of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory 

Lootique Ribbon cutting and grand opening at 10AM

Lakeshore Learning craft stick puppy 11 AM- 3 PM

Barnes & Noble Harry Potter Countdown to Midnight party 8PM

Arthur Murray National Dance Day Free Class Day 11 AM- Noon

Sunday July 31

Baskin Robbins scoops $1.31

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 18th- July 24th

Monday July 18th
Dive-in Movies at the Cosmo $5 is Rocky (1976)

Tuesday July 19th
Funset Kids Club at the Galleria Mall at 10:30 AM

Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp Noon-2 PM A wooden picture frame is the craft

Regal Summer Movie Express at Regal Colonnade 10 AM $1
Alvin and The Chipmunks Road Chip and Curios George

Wednesday July 20th
The Galleria Mall is having a craft Home Show and they could also be having a celebration for their 20th year in business

Regal Summer Movie Express at Regal Colonnade 10 AM $1
Alvin and The Chipmunks Road Chip and Curios George

CineMark theaters Summer Movie Clubhouse 10 AM $1 The Sandlot

Thursday July 21st
Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp Noon-2 PM A wooden picture frame is the craft

Movie in the Square at Town Square Aladdin

Downtown Container Park 8 PM- 9:30 PM Guardians of The Galaxy

Summerlin Summer Screen Series: Cinderella

Friday July 22nd
Summer Concert Series at The District dElainey

Saturday July 23rd
There is a Pioneer Day Parade at FoxRidge Park at 8 AM- I am not sure there is a link for it

Barnes and Noble Too Many Moose! StoryTime 11 AM

Lowes Build and Grow 10 AM-Noon Thor

LakeShore Learning Centers craft 11 AM- 3 PM Make Me Talk Fish

Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp Noon-2 PM A wooden picture frame is the craft

Green Valley The District Concert Series Megan Barker

Silver Mesa Pool Dive-in Movie in North Las Vegas $5 is Finding Nemo

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Not a typical post. Businesses

I have a strange desire to post links and share tidbits about many of the businesses I have been to or have friends that own or recommend on Facebook. I am not getting compensation for this post, it's just a random thing I thought of. It is not direct sales businesses that I am posting about, I have many friends that do them and I do as well, so if you want to know where to get a direct sales product feel free to ask and I can direct you to someone.


RAW Fitness
: I have never been here however many friends have done their challenge and enjoy their instructors/coaches. 

Habits2Health: I have been here to speak with the owners, one is a friend that I had done wedding flowers for. This is a small gym behind KFC on College/Horizon

TruFusion: I have never been here either, however I believe I know one of the instructors (she no longer has a Facebook account so keeping track is a bit more difficult). I do know friends who have gone though and enjoy their hot yoga

I Love Kickboxing: Another place I have not been to however many have asked for a gym with Kickboxing and friends have recommended this one

24 Hour Fitness: I believe I went to one as a guest of a friend, however where I went is no longer 24 Hour Fitness. Many friends do talk about here and how much they like it 

OrangeTheory: Another gym I have not personally gone to, but many friends recommend (I have a lot of FaceBook friends)

EOS: This is the gym I went to as a guest, however it was a different name when I went there.

Planet Fitness: Newly opened close to where I live, I still have not personally gone to

Final fitness place I can think of is your city rec center. Many of the rec centers have work-out equipment and even inside tracks. They also have fitness classes offered. I would post the links, but I am hoping this blog's readers are more than in my city.

Dance Studios

Brenda's Dance Studio
: My oldest children went to this studio for dance and tumbling. It is not a competition studio, however they do walk in parades and have performances throughout the year.

Astudia Dance World: Friends of mine have children at this studio, I have not been here personally. I believe they do competitions

BSharp: Friends have their children go here, I have not been here personally. I believe they do competitions

Arthur Murray Dance Center: My husband and I have been here and enjoyed the classes and instructors, it became difficult to continue taking lessons though because of the distance and other reasons. They have dance parties where clients can bring friends.They also have two locations.

Boulder City Ballet Company: I have seen one of their productions and it was wonderful. Some friends go to this place.

Michael Darby and Smile Dance Studio: I know Smile personally. I've been to the Micheal Darby and Smile  show that they perform at schools. They have great energy.

Again check your local rec centers as they have dance classes and the instructors sometimes come from professional studios.

Gymnastics/Tumbling/Karate/Ice Skating

Cox and Gallacher Martial Arts: I have friends that have taken their children here and my youngest is trying out tumbling here. I also grew up knowing the Gallachers.

Cobras Martial Arts/TKDo.Academy: A good friend of mine trained here

CD Young's Professional Karate Center of Henderson:

Vegas Valley Gymnastics: Some friends take their children here

Sport-Social: My friends' children come here, it's an awesome program. It helps kids with special needs.

Gymcats: Many friends have taken their children here and they have open days where kids can play on the equipment and they have parents' nights out.

Brenda's Dance Studio: My oldest children went to this studio for dance and tumbling. It is not a competition studio, however they do walk in parades and have performances throughout the year.

Sobe Ice Arena: It is at the Fiesta Rancho. I have friends whose children go here and they compete, I'm not sure of the team names.

A.T.A.: I have friends who have gone here and their children go here

Run Plus Fun: Great An indoor place to take your children

KangaMoo: I have not personally been here, however it comes highly recommended as it has a play area for children, and activities for the adults of the children. One activity is an indoor track, another is massage chairs.

Pump-It-Up: I have been here with my children. It is an indoor place with air-inflated bounce houses and bounce activities.

BounceU: I have been here with my children. It is an indoor setting with some air inflated slides, obstacle courses, bounce houses, and a climbing thing.

FunLane: I have been here and it is a nice indoor play area. I went for a yoga class they offered, I'm not 100% sure they still offer it or not.

Here are other indoor playgrounds around Vegas, I have heard of some of them, but have not been to them.
Kid's Club
Kid's Planet
Bouncy World
Rockin' Jump
JumpNSlide Party Rentals:
Gravady: many friends have been here

Another plug for the local rec centers. They have indoor activities, gymnastics, cheer, martial arts, and many other varieties of options for children and adults. Everyone is different, this is why I'm posting different places.

Photography: if there was no Facebook page link or website I could copy and paste I couldn't add all my awesome photographers. Everyone is different and likes different people and aspects of who they hire so there is a mix of photographers. If they have a Facebook and website I'm posting both links. These are not in any order other than the tabs I see as I'm posting.

Mikel's Photography and Design: I have been to his studio and he has taken my picture and children's pictures. My husband still has and carries the photo Mikel took of me to send to my husband overseas. He has also taken my children's photos at the preschool they went to. He does go on location as well for photos, he is not an in studio only photographer.

MoiraLainePhotography: I know Moira personally and she does great photo shoots.I met her when she was a kid and I am the same age of one of her brothers. I have not had any personally done by her, but I know her and would recommend her.

Maria Pare Photography: I know her personally as well, have not done any photo work with her, but she has a facebook page.

Heather k.: I've met her and she is a sweet woman. I did a balloon arch for an event her husband had, but she was the one who I worked mostly with.

AF Photo and Design: I know her personally. I have not done any shoots with her, but she comes highly recommended.

Rachyl Weigold Photography: I know her personally and she is an awesome person. I met her when she was younger and through the military, she's pretty cool. I have not had a chance to have her capture any photos of me or my family, but I would recommend her.

Cashman Professionals Photography: I know this company is not a single photographer, they do take great photos. We had a family picture done on my front porch by one of their photographers and his name was Lazlo. I also LOVE the crystals they do.

Realtors/Lawyers/Insurance: There are many to choose from, many are my close friends, however everyone is different and needs their own match. I'm listing these not by favorites only by tabs opened.

Shannon Petty Las Vegas Realtor: I was in choir with her in high school and she's the same upbeat person now as she was then.

Paul Rich: His wife and I are best friends. I have worked with him doing balloons for open houses. He's also a band teacher at a local school. He also has a moving box company.

Brenda Bird-Fairless: I know her through a friend.

Lorrie Johnson: I know her personally.

Samantha Smith: She is a friend of mine.

Milan Weedman: I know him through church and he is a friend.

TurnKey Properties:

Nick Whitney with American National: He is our insurance agent. He saved us money and helped us when our A/C needed to be replaced the paperwork and the money to the A/C repairman was done quickly.

Bonnie Grant Insurance Agency with Farmers:

Jones Wilson LLP: I know the Wilson

Tingey Law Firm: We used them when my husband was in a car accident

Rands, South, & Gardner: We used Gardner for our will/trust/and Power of Attorney before my husband went overseas. This is a great office.

Eddie Whitney Attorney at Law: He's very passionate about his job. We used him to help make adjustments to our will/trust/ and POA. he worked with Gardner.

Connor Family AllState:

Clear Counsel Law Group: I know one of the partners personally and the other 2 by name.

Jason Graf: We went to high school together. He works for Capital Choice Financial. Here is his e-mail to set up a one on one

Kimberly Harrison: She works for Primerica and also with Vivint. We have Vivint home security and like the features. No link e-mail her to ask questions or set-up an appointment.

Random places/businesses (I don't know how to label everything)

BeeHive Homes of Henderson: I went to their open house and they have a great facility, also I believe a waiting list. They are an assisted living facility.

Bearded Assassins Co.: A friend of mine is making oils for beards

SpiritUs Reiki Center: I have never been, but a friend goes here for their weekly Reiki Circles and she also takes their classes.

Simply Healed/Heart2Heart: Joan is amazing. Not only did I go to her for help, my daughter and my sister-in-law did as well. She is very warm and welcoming.!simplyhealed/c1bw0

Las Vegas Homepathy: Great place t o go for alternative health care, actually I should say for natural healthcare.

iCreateArtClasses: A friend who teaches art to children.

Bad Owl Coffee: I like the name and they had a Harry Potter night. I don't even drink coffee

Mad Batter Cafe: I came here for their open house. I then went back for another one of their desserts.

Triple Dare Running:

The Purple Monkey: a friend sells her crafts here

Desert Dolphin Bead and Gift: I know the person who makes the jewelry and gifts. She's very kind and is a good friend.

Desiraes Closet:

Sit, Stay, Obey Dog Obedience Training: This is my friend and my neighbor. 

Camp Bow Wow: Never have been here for my dog, but they did donate to my child's school.

ASL Communications: This is an awesome company. ASL=American Sign Language

Tempting Treasures: Love this place, it really is tempting.

Savvy Clothesline: This is a facebook group that has group sales of great products. The description is an online shopping club. I use it and think everyone would enjoy it.

Warm Thoughts: I know the crocheter personally and the products are great

The Giving Store: A friend owns this store and gives the profits to local charities in the Las Vegas Valley. It is a thrift store you can donate items to and purchase from.

Firelight Barn: A restaurant with a dinner show. I have seen some of the performances as the group that owns this has performed at other events. It is family owned and I know the family.

Karley's Deals: I grew up with Karley and her family.

TITL Apparel: Christian clothing

Food Trucks: These are ones I have tried and like

Blondies Bacon Creations

Curbside Cafe

Senor Blues Mobile TexMex

Home repairs/maintenance/furniture/decor:

Martin Garage Doors: We used them to replace the motor to our garage door. They were great and very helpful

Rebel Refridgeration: They service business units and home units.I know some of their employees.

ExecutiveAir: We have used this company for our HVAC needs. He got our A/C replaced in a timely manner and at a very reasonable cost.

Precision Chem Dry: They have cleaned my carpets in my currant home and my old town home. They cleaned my coaches too. The owners are really good friends of ours and they have a great team. I really like that when we get our carpets cleaned we don't have to stay away for the entire day.

All Unplugged Sewer and Drain Services: Amazing plumbing skills and comes in a timely manner.

Furniture Facelift: This is a teacher at my children's school. 

The Cottage Bee: A friend who is remaking furniture.

WoodCreations: A fun store in  town

TK Designs: I know the owner and I have ordered from her

Oh My Word Vinyl:

Aptive Enviromental: We just signed up to use this company. So far we have liked them

Select Services: Pest control, I know the owner. Many of my friends use them too.

Teal and Orange: Wreaths

Eve Drop: I have these and got them off of KickStarter. They were featured on Shark Tank and I know the inventor personally. You can buy them I believe at ACE Hardware.

Moser Masterpieces: Amazing artwork drawn by a friend.


Swapp Orthodontics: I knew Dr Swapp in high school, he's a good guy.

Stoker Family Dental: I know Dr Stoker personally, really nice guy.

Micheal Hughes DDS:

Henderson Chiropractor with Dr Kent: Dr Kent is awesome! My husband and I both have gone to him and really like the staff.

Gibson Orthodontics:

Rose Cosmetic and Family Dentistry: This is who I've seen my entire life. They are both great and my children go there too.

Fresh Food:

Farm Fresh Las Vegas: This couple buys directly from the farmers. They donate money to O.U.R operation underground railroad which is a great organization.

Alpine Fresh Beef: I have not ordered from them, but others have

Gilcrease Orchard: I have not been, but many have and enjoy the products they get from here.

Cox Honey: I know one of the family's daughters. She distributes the honey locally

Zaycon Fresh: You order online and pick up at the location of your choice

Bountiful Baskets: You order online and pick up at the location of your choice 

There are many farmers' markets around the valley. My preferred one is the one on Water Street. I have gotten to know some of the vendors. However look up Farmer's Markets and you can find them.

Florist/Event Planners

Julie Reed AIFD: An amazing florist and she does great work! She also earned the AIFD at the end of her name it stands for American Institute of Floral Design, which is awesome! She teaches at the Las Vegas School of Floral Design

An Octopus's Garden: 
Timi Huskinson is the owner. She is also amazing!

Eden Productions LLC: They have been recommended by many of my friends on Facebook.

Springtime Floral: I have been here and the owner is nice.

A Country Rose: This is a very nice shop. I did an internship here before the owners of it now, but the current owners are nice.

Bonnie's Flowers: I like this shop as well.

Las Vegas Event Flowers


Junior Junction Preschool: This preschool all of my children who are old enough have been to. The owner has known me since I was a baby and one of the teachers is a very close relative  (I won't mention how close as this is a public blog)

Coyote Kids Miss Marsha's Mini-school: This is located right next to the BeeHive Home and owned by the same person.

There are preschool programs through local rec centers, I have not been to them but many friends have and they fill up fast.

Out of Town businesses
that I know the owners personally and have used

Shielded Empire: My cousin makes these items

Joy in the Home: Another cousin makes these items

Ready,Set,Play: An indoor gym in St George. I know the owners.

Shanea Photography: She used to live in town and still comes down sometimes.

Snowie of Tooele County: I went to college with the owner of this store. She is super sweet.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

7-11 to July 17th

Tomorrow is the day my children ask me about all summer long. My children have learned the ways to save and learned the days of free items. One of the biggest reasons I write a blog each week, even when I'm loathing myself and thinking "nobody reads it, they can click the links if I don't post." The secret is if I don't post, I tend to forget the events myself and my children do not usually allow me to live it down. Tomorrow is 7-11 Day, it is the day that 7-11's around the US give small Slurpees for free from 11 AM- 7 PM. I honestly try to keep the info about 7-11 to myself because I don't want to wait in line or not get the Slurpee flavor that I like, however my children enjoy sharing the day with friends. Sharing is caring, I care. Also if you have the app if you buy 7 Slurpees this week you get 11 free.
Wet'N'Wild is having a limited time special, if you buy a one day admission $39.99 you get to go the rest of the season free

Monday July 11th
Free small Slurpee from 11 AM- 7 PM

Cosmopolitan Dive -in Movie $5 Zoolander

Tuesday July 12th
IHOP is having $0.58 short stack pancakes 7 AM-7 PM to celebrate their 58th Anniversary

Regal Summer Movie Express $1 at the Regal Colonnade on Eastern 10 AM Minions and The Peanuts Movie

Regal ValueDays where all day and night movies are less expensive $6.10 at certain locations

CineMark Theaters has Discount Days as well $5.25 at certain locations

Bass Pro Shop Noon-5 PM free kid's activities and the craft is a Door hanger

Wednesday July 13th
Regal Summer Movie Express $1 at the Regal Colonnade on Eastern 10 AM Minions and The Peanuts Movie

Cinemark Movie Clubhouse $1 movie at 10 AM Boxtrolls

Krispy Kreme's 79th birthday, buy a dozen full prize get a dozen glazed for $0.79

Thursday July 14th
Bass Pro Shop Noon-5 PM free kid's activities and the craft is a Door hanger

Movies in the Square at TownSquare Home

Downtown Summerlin Summer Screen Series Kung Fu Panda 3

Downtown Container Park Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Friday July 15th
Barnes and Noble Pop-Culture Event at 7 PM Star Wars

Green Valley Ranch Summer Concert Series 7 PM-9 PM Alex Mabey

Saturday July 16th
LakeShore Learning Store free craft 11 AM-3 PM Colors of the Rainbows Bookmark

Barnes and Noble Are We There Yet Storytime 11 AM

Bass Pro Shop Noon-5 PM free kid's activities and the craft is a Door hanger

Green Valley Ranch Summer Concert Series 7 PM-9 PM Alex Mabey

Barnes and Noble Pop-Culture Event at 4 PM Pokemon

Barnes and Noble Pop-Culture Event 7 PM Manga

Sunday July 17th
Bass Pro Shop Noon-5 PM free kid's activities and the craft is a Door hanger

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th- July 10th

Disney Stores have their summer play dates. Their website does not have the times, however I will call the Fashion Show Mall store to see what times, but every Wednesday they give out a new wristband/bracelet at their play date. They give the same one out at each play date until the new release on Wednesday.

The Microsoft Store free YouthSparks camps seem to still have openings

The Apple Store free youth camps have some openings still in one of it's classes and all but one store
Fashion Show Mall store
Forum Shops store
TownSquare Store

Events for the 4th of July thanks to channel 13 KTNV

Monday July 4th
Parade in Summerlin 9 AM

Parade in Boulder City 9 AM

Downtown Container Park 4th of July Celebration 9 AM-1 PM

Free corn dogs 11 AM-1 PM
Ed Bozarth Nevada #1 Chevrolet
5501 Drexel Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
for the first 300 people  

City of Henderson activities starts at 6 PM-9 PM

Dive-in Movie at the Cosmo $5 Top Gun

Tuesday July 5th
Regal Summer Movie Express $1 starts at 10 AM Despicable Me 2 and Home are the choices

Funset Kids Club at the Galeria Mall in the food court 10:30 AM

Bass Pro Shops summer camp craft is a bear track magnet from noon-2 PM

Wednesday July 6th
Regal Summer Movie Express $1 starts at 10 AM Despicable Me 2 and Home are the choices

Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse $1 starts at 10 AM Home

Thursday July 7th
1/2 Price cones at Sonic

Bass Pro Shops summer camp craft is a bear track magnet from noon-2 PM

Harry Potter Night at Bad Owl Coffee 6 PM-8 PM

Weekly Reiki Circle at SpiritUs Reiki Center 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Free Movie at Summerlin Minions 

Free Movie Downtown Container Park Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Movies in the Square at Town Square Epic

Friday July 8th
Barnes and Noble Get Pop-Cultured Finding Dory

Summer Concert Series at the District 7 PM-9 PM Glen Nowak

New Moon Ranger Guide at Spring Mountain Ranch (only cost is parking)  8 PM

Saturday July 9th
Lowes craft at 10 AM-Noon (while supplies last) Falcon

Barnes and Noble Storytime Daisy-Head Mayzie 11 AM

Lakeshore Learning Store Craft 11 AM- 3 PM ABC Tree

Bass Pro Shops summer camp craft is a bear track magnet from noon-2 PM

Free Junior Ranger Hike at Mount Charleston 2 PM

Sunday July 10th
 Bass Pro Shops summer camp craft is a bear track magnet from noon-2 PM

Water Slide in the Meadow at Spring Mountain Ranch (cost of parking) 1 PM- 3 PM