Monday, October 3, 2016

Q Wunder EQTainment Review #QWunder #Tryazon

On September 23rd I had a party at my home to introduce my friends and their children to EQtainment's Q the monkey, games, stories, stuffed animal, TV episode, and app. Here is a picture of what I got for free

My youngest was excited for the party pack and wanted to open it right away. EQtainment created Q a genius monkey that lives with the Wunder family. Although Q is a genius he does not always know the correct way to react to different situations or emotional times. EQtainment is trying to help parents and teachers teach children emotional intelligence. Here is a link to their website:
The game is Q's Race To The Top, it is a 4 player board game with 3 different colored cards that match the path to the top of the board. The cards are "You", "Q", and "Do". "You" cards are blue and they are cards asking the player a situational question ie: "You want to talk to your mother, but she is talking to another adult, what would you do?" The "Q" cards are green and ask situational questions involving Q the monkey ie: "Q's sister Mila has drawn a beautiful picture that everyone praises her for. Q has drawn a better picture, what should Q do with his picture?" The "Do" cards are orange and are activities for the player to actually do ie: "Bend your elbows with your hands out like you are holding a tray. Turn one hand opposite to the other, then switch. Do this 20 times." I have played this game with children 3 years-9 years old and they all enjoyed it and asked to play it again. One thing I did notice is when doing the "Do" cards everyone starts to do the activity, which I think is fun and cooperative. Here is a link to the game: 

In addition to Q's Race To The Top game there was a to go version that includes the cards in a tin. There is no board only questions and actions. Here is the link to that:

We also got a Q-Time Buddy to use to help children have quiet time and learn to focus. The plush has some weighted middle. Here is the product link:

While waiting for all the guests to come to the party the kids were able to color in the Q coloring book. It has comments on each picture:

After the board game was done I put the CD in my computer to have the children listen to the storybook about Q's Wild Ride:

While listening to the story I told the parents there about the Q-Wunder app that they could download to interact more with Q. Here are the 2 links they sent me to share the app. It has a $7.99 monthly subscription fee.
Apple / iOs: 

Here is a link to show more about the app:

Now that I've described the products I will say that all of my children 3 yrs-14 yrs enjoy the game and the coloring book. My 3 year old hears the Q theme song and comes running to watch, even though it is the same episode since we did not sign up for the monthly app subscription. The episode on the app will personalize it to your child's name. My friend that I co-hosted the party with had downloaded the app and when we clicked on the video it said my son's name. That helps the child be more involved and feel part of the action. I think the concept is great and was glad to be selected to host the EQtainment- The Q Wunder Movement Party that I applied to at #Tryazon parents and teachers I have shared the EQtainment products with like the idea of teaching emotional intelligence and how cute Q Wunder the monkey is.
If you would like to get in on the Q Wunder movement and purchase any of these products there is a 20% off code: House Party
to use on the EQtainment website.

Overall I like the products that were provided in the party pack. The app has not been a huge hit with my family, the only thing my children have had access to is the one pilot episode, which can get old. I like the app concept though and tracking my children's path and progress, I'm just not able to purchase a monthly subscription. Maybe the option for a one time purchase for the app would be something my family could consider.
I did get products free to review, my opinion is 100% honest.
Pictures of the party goers.