Monday, July 7, 2014

New month July 7th-11th

Monday July 7:
 (Might be Tuesday night) Cosmo $3 dive-in movies : Little Giants and Friday Night Lights

Tuesday July 8:
$0.56 short stack of pancakes at IHOP from 7 AM-7 PM

Regal $1 at 10 AM: Lego Movie and/or Free Birds

Bass Pro Shop Summer Fun Camp Noon-2PM wooden wiggle fish

Wednesday July 9:
Regal $1 at 10 AM: Lego Movie and/or Free Birds

CineMark $1 10 AM: Smurfs 2

Micheals Passport to Fun $2 10 AM-Noon(is 2 hours long): Zoetrope

Storytime in TownSquare 11 AM

Thursday July 10:
Bass Pro Shop Summer Fun Noon

Movies in the Square at TownSquare: Tarzan

Friday July 11:
Free Slurpee Day at 7-11 from 11 AM- 7 PM

Micheals Passport to Fun $2 10 AM-Noon(is 2 hours long): Robot

Saturday July 12:
Lowes Build and Grow 10 AM-Noon: Turbo

Micheals Weekend $2 craft souvenir chest 10 AM-Noon every half hour

Bass Pro Shop Summer Fun Noon

The District at Green Valley Ranch Movie: Monsters University

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another review

I know my blog followers and readers read my blog for all the activities and things to do in the city we live in, however from time to time (maybe more often now), I will be posting about reviews on products I receive free from companies and websites. This post is about an awesome Box of goodies that I got free from Influenster. On the side of my blog there is a badge stating I am part of the Influenster Nation. You can be too if you want to be, leave a comment if you are interested or e-mail me. The box I got was filled with products to help pamper me and help me be a prepared mom on the go.
 The first product I want to mention is Neo-On-the-Go by Neosporin. I must be honest and admit I already carry this product with me and have it in my diaper bag for times when we are out and about and need to protect the kids' scrapes and cuts from getting infected. So the fact that I own some before getting some free says A LOT, since many know me to be very frugal and rarely pay full price for things. When I purchase something it is something worthwhile to have. One particular day at the park with my children, another child playing at the park got a scrap. The mom was trying to help her child calm down and the child asked  for a band-aid, the mom said they would have to go home to get one. I was prepared and not only had the band-aid but Neo-on-the-Go, I was #NeoReady. The child was happy and calmed down and went on playing. Weeks later I saw the mom and her children again and the mom mentioned that her child calls me a cool mom because I had a band-aid and special stuff to use.
The second product I want to mention is the Puffs with lotion to go. Having the compact tissues to go, now with lotion, helps me be able to #PassThePuffs to my children and anyone else in need. I keep them in my diaper bag to have ready. They now open on the top of the package rather than the middle (like other brands) and that makes it more accessible to get a tissue out when one is needed.
The third product I want to mention is the new Breyers Gelato Indulgences. This was not sent in the box a coupon to redeem at my store of choice and my flavor of choice. I got mine and my Smith's and the flavor I got was Vanilla Caramel. It has little curls of caramel on the top and caramel strips throughout the vanilla. I enjoy it so much and is my favorite frozen dessert now. So creamy when you put the spoon into your mouth, it's heaven. I highly recommend this for your next indulgent moments. #GelatoLove Here is my pinterest board on what I would use to eat my Gelato with and what I would do for a date night.
Product number five I want to mention is Shell Fuel Rewards network. You don't pay anything for this card, you get $0.03 off the price of gas everytime you use your card. New members are getting $0.25 off the gallon price of gas when they sign up and register their card. I used my card just last night and the cost of the gallon of gas went from $3.91 to $3.66 and I saved $3.25 on my total cost to fill my van. Signing up is free and using the card is free, you can connect your Mastercard to the rewards card and purchases made on your Mastercard will help you earn fuel points. It is a rewards card like a grocery store or restaurant rewards card so it is free. #FuelRewards Here is the link to sign up for your own rewards card.;jsessionid=JUfBTcuT7irM5cxAH8d9bg__.node10
The sixth item I am going to mention is the Ivory bar of Soap that I got. I was surprised to get it since I don't use a bar of soap when I'm cleaning, but then I got onto pinterest and saw why. The Ivory soap is gentle to use to clean with, but it can also be used to do fun activities with your children.The most popular is the soap in the microwave science experiment. The results are fun to see. Here is my pinterest board on the many uses and ideas others had for a bar of Ivory Soap   
The seventh and final product (these were listed only as I thought of them,not as favorite to least or anything like that) is Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother. I am not one to use many beauty products because I just run out of  time when getting ready and I also know I have sensitive skin. I did try this product and I saw some results, however as the day went on my face started itching where I had applied the product. My fave did not turn red, it just was not something I wanted to have happen. I think if you have normal skin it would work great for you. 

Been Gone, need to do a review

This is not one of my typical list of activities posts. This is another review of a product that I got free to sample and share thanks to What I received was Coppertone ClearySheer Sunscreen. In my kit I got coupons, a full sized bottle, two travel sized spray on bottles, and two travel sized lotion bottles. This bzzkit (buzz) came just in time for us to use for my children and their outdoor field trips. My oldest took one of the travel sized spray bottles with her to a baseball game field trip and was covered and protected from the sun. It was so easy for her to use and have to reapply without any help. My son then had a park day field trip and needed sunscreen for that, he took the other travel sized spray on bottle. He was not as diligent in reapplying, but he did have some on before leaving for school (which was fine since the smell of it was better than other brands sunscreen). My daughter also needed it for a field trip for an outdooor museum, she again used her container and she was happy to use it since it was easy to put on and didn't smell bad. I used the full sized lotion of Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreen when I took my younger children to the park. I was impressed how easily it went on and there was no messy feel and the scent surprised me the most. While my kids were playing at the park there are water features and I was concerned the sunscreen would streak or get into their eyes while running through the water, it didn't happen. No sunscreen in the eyes with lotion sunscreen makes me a fan. Another thing I want to mention is usually after wearing sunscreen immediately when we get home showers are needed to rinse it off because most sunscreens are so heavy, Coppertone ClearlySheer is not heavy at all. I didn't notice it on me or feel the urgency to rinse off like I do with other brands. I recommend Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen to use it smells good, feels good, and works well to protect you and your family's skin against the rays sun.


Monday, June 2, 2014


Here are two indoor activities to do with the kids. One is bowling at the Boulder City bowling alley.
You register at the link below
Did you register your family at yet?  If not your kids will get 2 FREE Games of bowling every day all summer long at your participating center.  There are over 1,050 locations to choose from.Please use my email (hwcutie@hotmail) in the "referred by" field.  We’ll both be entered to win some cool prizes including iPads and a trip to Walt Disney World!Our family loves the program and we’re sure you will too.

The next place I heard about is Crystal Palace skating rink has special passes and skate nights. Here is their link:

There are other great indoor places that you can purchase passes or become members at like; 
Create Craft Studio
FlipNOut Clowns:
Discovery Children's Museum (a favorite place when I was growing up):
Springs Preserve does have indoor activities and also the Las Vegas Natural History Museum
Pole Position:
King Putt Laser Tag and Mini Golf
Pinball Hall of Fame:
Mob Museum:
Madame Tussaud's:
Bellagio Botanical Gardens
Sam's Town Mystic Falls:
Atomic Testing Museum
AdventureDome (If you bought a discount card from a Scout there's a coupon for the Adventuredome on it):
M&M's World:
Shark Reef:
Maybe Gameworks:
Some Outdoor activities that are fun if you prepare according to the weather
Spring Mountain Ranch Super Summer Theater
Clark County Museum on Boulder Highway is a fun place:
Neon Museum
Bonnie Springs
Gilcrease Orchard:
McKee Ranch:
Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix
Ethel M is an indoor/outdoor free tour:
Nevada Southern Railway
Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
The Ca
t House (Lion Habitat)
Water Parks:
Maybe Cowabunga Bay

Lake Mead:
Lake Las Vegas :
Sunset Park: 

This is the link I used to get the links for the museums:
Here is a more intensive link for Las Vegas Attractions:

Please remember your local park and recreation centers have affordable family activities, too many to list, and if you don't use the classes they may not be available next time you want to sign up.

First week of June 2014

Boulder City Library starts their summer reading program this Thursday and has a family movie time at 2 PM. There are too many events with the libraries to list them all individually but here is their calendar link.

Henderson Libraries kick off their summer reading program this Saturday

Las Vegas-Clark County Libraies Summer Reading program has already started

Monday June 2nd

Dive-in Movie at the Cosmo (double feature) 7PM $5: The Sandlot and Moneyball

Tuesday June 3rd

Galleria Mall Sunset Kid's Club 10:30 AM in the foodcourt

Barnes & Noble Storytime 11 AM

Wednesday June 4th

Barnes & Noble special The Very Hungry Caterpillar storytime 11 AM

Town Square Storytime in the Square 11 AM

Thursday June 5th

Tivioli Village Storytime 11 AM

Town Square Movie on the green At Sundown: Monsters University

Friday June 6th

Krispy Kreme free Doughnut Day

Saturday June 7th

Cafe Zupas grand opening celebration 11 AM-10 PM, 1381 West Sunset Road

Home Depot Kids' workshop 9 AM-Noon (while supplies last you can register now): Small ride on mower (toy)

LakeShore Learning crafts 11 AM-3 PM: a ladybug counter

The District OutDoor Picture Show (at Sundown): Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Tivioli Village Movies in the Park 7:30 PM: Frozen

Bass Pro Shop Summer Camp

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Starting in June

Starting next month, which happens to be next week, I should be trying to keep a weekly update of all the kids free/inexpensive activities to do during the summer. I will mix in product reviews posts of products I have received free because I do like free things and wish to continue to get more and using my blog as another way to keep my score on the review sites up. Here are the links that I use to find out the information of things going on around town and what movies are showing at what theaters and outdoor movies and kids workshops.

Lowes Build and Grow 10AM (I recomend registering to go, however you can show up nd wait to see if those who registered show up or not and if not then your child/ren can get a kit):

Home Depot kids' workshops start usually at 9 AM (register, however don't be discouraged if it says full):

Micheals has kids Passport to Fun at $2 a kit and they get to be creative somewhere other than your table or home:

Regal Movie Club (not at all Regal theaters, two movies shown both Tuesdays and Wednesdays):

Cinemark Movie Club (not at all Cinemark locations):

Storytimes at Barnes and Noble are Tuesdays :

The Galleria at Sunset has it's Kids' Club twice a month at 10:30 AM:

TownSquare's storytime will end soon, but they have Movies in the Square:

Tivoili Village has a story time and events as well:

The District at Green Valley Ranch has the outdoor picture show:

The Cosmopoliton has Dive-in Movies for $5 (double features): 

The City of Henderson has their own website of events going on around town:

The South Point has an arena with different events some free some you pay:

Good2Grow bzzz

Here's another review of a product that I received free thanks to being part of I got the Good2Grow juices and character no-spill tops. Being a mom of 4 no-spill tops I am a bit skeptical about since I've bought so many "no-spill" lids and cups and things like that and someway they've all spilled. I hit the jackpot and this do not spill. I had my older kids (11 and 9) put the juices full upside down over their heads, no spills and no drips! Perfect for my younger kids to carry around their juice and not worry about a sticky spill where they leave it. Another  great thing is the juice tastes great that my 5 year old thought she was drinking apple juice even though she was drinking juice with beets in it. I am glad to have found this product and I passed out the coupons I got from the bzzkit to parents at the school my kids go to. Thanks Good2Grow for a great product and thanks bzzagent for selecting me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Blogging isn't on the top of my list of things to do in my life which is one reason why I don't do blogs all the time but sporadically, usually when I'm looking for things to do with my kids or now blogs about products I've tried after receiving them free. The activities that happen are all links on the side of my blog so viewers can click them to see what is coming up.
This post is about a product that I got sent for free to try in a VoXBoX from Influenster. It is a Botanics Ionic Clay Mask by Boots Beauty USA.
I was hesitant to try the mask at first because I do not recall every using an at home mask before and I have sensitive skin. Also finding spare time to put a mask on was not easy with an 11 month old that clings to me.
I finally bit the bullet, the baby was asleep and I opened up the bottle and put the contents onto my hands. I started around my cheeks then down my neck, I was afraid to start on my forehead since I didn't want it to run into my eyes. I left it on for 10 minutes then rinsed it off. I was surprised the glow I saw on my face afterwards. I was also surprised my skin was not irritated, another concern of mine.
I would recommend the mask to others because I saw a difference and there was no irritation. I can't wait until I can find another chance to use it. I did receive it free to try and review from      

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Activities for this week and a post about my newest free findings from my #J'AdoreVoxBox I got free from @Influenster

Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
Barnes and Noble Storytime at 11 AM

Saturday March 1, 2014
The Home Depot from 9AM-Noon a Trojan Horse Bank 

LakeShore Learning

Now onto my review of my J'Adore Vox Box that I got free from Influenster.
I found out about Influenster from another blog and from a friend. As many of you know I am a fan of free things and Influenster is a free program that you are chosen for different product boxes. I was super excited when I saw that I got a survey to be determined if I would get the box or not. Then my excitement grew when I saw I was selected. Oh the joy of it when I got the e-mail with the tracking information about my box. Then when I got my box I was so excited to open it. I got a family size of Hershey's Kisses, John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight spray, Red Rose Tea and a coupon, Boots Beauty USA Botanicals Clay Mask, and Kiss Lashes.
The Hershey's Kisses were the first thing I got into, my daughter couldn't wait to get one. I then found some fun Hershey's Kisses recipes and crafts and pin them to share here is my link of some of my favorite recipes and crafts: 

The next item I got into was the John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight spray. My hair is naturally coarse and frizzy. After using this my hair looked and felt soft and silky even after using my blow-dryer! It even feels great the following day
I am waiting for a special night out to get out the Kiss Lashes, my birthday is next month and I might wear them for one of the free birthday dinners from the restaurants I have joined their birthday club and e-mail mailing list for.
The Boots Beauty USA Botanicals clay mask sounds very soothing and like it will be great for my skin, however I have not found a spare moment to use it to give it a proper review. My plan is to hopefully use it Monday night.
The Red Rose Lemon Chiffon Tea sounds delicious and again I am looking forward to tasting it I just have to take the right moment to prepare it just right so I can enjoy it fully, maybe while watching DownTon Abbey.

Those who read this may wonder what makes me someone to review different items, one thing is I'm honest and I am always sharing good finds (as this blog has become to be). 
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."