Monday, August 3, 2009


So the other night I went out and did some visiting with a couple of friends. I first picked up one friend to go visit another one. While visiting the second friend, I made a call to another friend to clarify some information. During the phone call that friend mentioned that she needed to visit with the friend I gave a ride to. So we decided that when we were done visiting the first friend we'd go right over to the other friend's house. While at the second house the three of us got talking about a bunch of different things and one was about blogs. The friend's whose house we were at asked me why I started a blog if I don't update it. I gave a confusing answer (since I'm usually confused myself about descisions I make) but by the end of my answer I remembered why I started a blog. The answer was to share my experiences of life with others. I'm not big on sharing to the world about my children and their happenings, if family or friends want to know how they are give me a call or e-mail me I'll be more than happy to share in that fashion. I have a few old blogs I've written and saved for the day that I decided to be brave a post them. I'm getting there but I'm not there yet.When I do get there you'll know by all the new posts, for now I'm just updating what my purpose in writing a blog is.