Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Insta Fire Review #tryazon #instafire

On August 1st, 2016 I hosted a party to demonstrate a product that I had not heard of called Insta Fire Fire Starter, Insta Fire Charcoal Starter, also some Spice Union Smokin' Chic Rub, and  Spice Union Beef Barbeque Rub. I was selected from at Tryazon and recieved these products free to try and honestly review. The Chic rub was used on the chicken kabobs and the beef rub was used on hot dogs to try something different. I had the party at the nearby park with some neighbors and friends. I was frazzled and did not read the instructions for the Insta Fire Charcoal Starter and did not use it correctly. When some more experienced grillers took over they got the briquettes lit with the Charcoal Starter. They were not impressed by the product.
 This is not the correct way to use it. Do not open the bag you light the bag underneath the grill and briquettes not on top of them. Learn from my mistake. I did try the Insta Fire Fire Starter where you do open the bag and put the contents where you want your fire and light them. My husband and I tried the Fire Starter out prior to the party as I had read it can be lit on water. We used a large width container and put water in it then the Insta Fire Fire Starter on to of the water. The Insta Fire lit, but did not stay lit for very long. 
 This is the picture you can see the small flames. We figured it didn't stay lit very long because the contents needed to stay together and be as dispersed. We were correct and when we put it in a smaller width container it stayed lit for longer. I have a video on my Facebook account also on Youtube, here is the video link
I would use the Insta Fire Fire Starter again and the claims are correct it does stay lit in wind and on top of water/snow. The Spice Union Rubs were not bad, the Chic Rub was not the favorite however the beef one was good on the hot dogs the kids liked it.Thanks to Tryazon , Insta-Fire , and Spice Union for the chance to try these products.  

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