Monday, September 28, 2009


So I've promised to write more when I feel the urge, and I have. I've been meaning to write for awhile because some pretty awesome things have happened that I wanted to write and share, but of course didn't get around to it. I don't like money, it just causes stress. My feeling is I could have a ton of money and still be stressed about it, who to give it to, is it really being spent the right way, am I being charged more because I have more, things like that. So having enough for bills and to live is fine by me. My husband and I stress about having enough money in different ways, he cuts back and I start spending more. Spending money is one of my coping skills I have had for as long as I can remember, if not my own someone elses. One thing though I know for sure is that even with my not so great habit of spending money we don't always have if we pay our tithing everything is OK. That personalizes it for me because Heavenly Father is aware of my shortcomings and my tendecy to spend more to cope that He blesses me still when I obey that commandment. He gives us ways that we would not have thought of on our own to get us out of owing people money. One way He blessed us that was out of the blue was of friend of mine that I see when picking up my kid from school asked if we like fish, we do, and she gave us three bags full of fish. Meals that we wouldn't have had otherwise, I had been thinking how are we going to have dinner if I couldn't go shopping for more ingredients. Having understanding friends is another blessing, my good friend got some gifts for me to give as wedding gifts still hasn't been repayed but she doesn't hound me and is still talking to me, she knows I will pay her as soon as I can. Another instance is being able to trade/barter for items. I was able to barter for some very cute party invites and some cakes for some items that I have and a skill that I use. Those were blessings as well. One thing I always notice is that when I need it the most I get a random Mary Kay order. It never seems to fail that when I need just a bit more for whatever, even my fast food addiction, I get a call or an e-mail for an item. As much of a non consultant that I am for Mary Kay it does come in handy. I am trying to kick my fast food addiction, but it is difficult when it leaves me with no dishes to clean. I have been considering going to a 12 step program for that, but in the midst of everything else there's not much time right now, when things settle down a bit I'll look in to it more seriously since I'm aware of the problem. I know I am blessed with a healthy family, a husband with a job, a roof over my head, and last but not least food to eat. I know pushing the limits with money can only go on for so long before it catches up with you, but I am trying my hardest not to and at this point that's all I can do and Heavenly Father knows it so He continues to help and bless me. I failed to mention the blessingof random checks or money owed to us. I went to the Dr for something and was concerned because I needed what I was going for, but I knew we didn't have the money for it. Well when it came to pay I actually owed less than I thought because there was a credit to my account I was unaware of. Ended up I was able to barter for the wedding gifts as well, with my friend. People say I am lucky when I am randomly selected to take a survey (which I do) for free food or drinks, but I know they are small blessings. I am truly blessed by my Heavenly Father and those I am blessed to have in my life.