Monday, July 25, 2016

Disney Store Play Dates

I have only called the Fashion Show Mall Disney Store for their play date hours, if you live closer to anyone you can call and ask their times as they are sadly not posted on the website. The Outlet Mall South on Las Vegas Blvd will hand out the wristbands if you ask a cast member for them and they do it any time of the day. This play date times are subject to change (but usually are correct) and only for this week, they change on Sundays.

Tuesday is at 2:30 PM
Wednesday the play day time is Noon (this is the day a new wristband is giving out for the week)
Thursday is at 12:30 PM
Friday is at 2:00 PM
Saturday is at 2:00 PM

Microsoft has classes that are free, they are also at the Fashion Show Mall. Here is their link of events

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