Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tryazon SmartGames:Master of the brains party review

I was selected to host a SmartGames party to try out some of their games. Here is their website The games we tried were IQ XOXO, Busy Bugs, and Ghost Hunters. I was hosting a House Party Kikkoman dinner party along with the SmartGames and having the games helped the guests be entertained while the food finished cooking.
 Here are a few kids playing while waiting for others to come and the food to be ready. My oldest son likes the IQ XOXO game and played it all night. Here he is playing it.

Here is everyone trying to play with the minimal lighting we had. Everyone at the party enjoyed the games and played them all night. Overall they are fun games and are brain teasers that are great for age 5 to 99.

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