Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kaskey Kids Figures

In February I hosted a party for a major sporting event. For that event I was chosen to host a Kaskey Kids party from Trayzon. I know it's May now at that was months ago, I wanted to post sooner, however my computer bit the bullet and still needs to be fixed. I'm using my husband's for now and it took me that long to get used to it. I got a lot of figures to put out as decorations and have the children play with. My children aged 4-14 all enjoyed playing with the figures. The only thing  my children missed with the figures is a loose football. I put the figures on my 7 layer dip and a cake. Those that came to the party got to take home their own box that had either 1 or a surprise of 2 figures. I did get the figures free to use and write a review. I'm not sure I would buy these products on their own unless they were requested by someone to use as a decoration. Below are the pictures of how we used them and the group at the party. #Trayzon #KaskeyKids

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