Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mom Meet group sampling of Melt Probiotic Spread

I was given the opportunity to sample with a group of moms Melt Probiotic Spread. I found it at Sprouts Farmer's Market. We tried it on some yummy muffins, whole grain bread, and a baguette. The muffins' flavors over powered the spreads flavor, not that there is one, but it was great to spread onto the crumbly muffins. It was easy to spread and is a great alternative to butter. Everyone that tried it liked it, even the kids. I don't go to Sprouts often so I can't say I'd buy it instead of the butter I buy now because it's not offered where I usually shop. If it was sold where I usually shop I would consider purchasing it instead of what I currently buy. This is some of us trying it.

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