Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spintales Storytime Rug

In April I had the chance to try out a new product from the company SpinTales. They have a rug that is in a jungle setting and a duvet that is a castle setting. Along with those products there is an app that allows parts of the rug or duvet (depending on what you have) interact with the user. It is a fun rug and the stories on the app are cute, the main pitfall is the app and the rug doesn't always sync together. To activate the app you have to match a picture on the rug. We would match the picture on the app to the spot on the rug and the interaction did not always work. That can be frustrating as a parent reading the story and even more frustrating for a child trying to read it themselves. The app does not cost any extra which is good, but the cost of the product one would expect the app to work with the pictures every time and not at just the right angle and zoom. We tried it with different devices thinking that could have been the issue, but it wasn't. I am still going to use the rug and app and it will be part of a story time at an indoor play place. I am hoping the children will enjoy it as much as the children that got to see it at the party did. Below are the pictures of the children on the rug and the families taking pictures of the kids playing on it. #SpintalesStorytimeRug #Tryazon #Gotitfree

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