Monday, April 25, 2016

Sites that have products to try for free

Many of my friends know about the many things that I get for free and wonder how I do it. I'm not some expert couponer that saves hundreds of dollars at the store or have the stores owe me money. What I do is use a lot of sites that you take surveys when you first sign up then apply/request to sample products. You don't always get what you want just because you applied or requested a product, the sites work with brands who have specifications of the people who they want to try their products. The sites also have a ton of people wanting samples and they try to give them to those that match the brands' requests and the sites requirements. Some requirements are pictures of you using the brand and some are only a survey after you've tried them. Another common request is to "like" or "follow" the brands and the sites on different social media outlets. Some sites even have apps, which I have currently refrained from downloading because I just don't have room and also can't remember my password, I also prefer to use my phone as a device to communicate via text or an actual call. I'm not going to always post reviews and things on my blog, but I will when I feel the products deserve a shout out like the L'Oreal hair care  review. Another must is knowing the #'s and the @'s of the brands and products most sites give you what they are and you must ALWAYS mention you got your items free or at a discount. Now on to the sites, I will try to recall all of them, but I might leave out a few.








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