Monday, April 25, 2016

Dietz and Watson Review for Green Mom's Meet

I was accepted to become a Mom Ambassador for and was selected to sample with my group of moms. I'm still trying to form one that will meet possibly once a month to either have kids play and discuss different topics and products. Since my group is not fully formed if you want to be a part of my group (you have to be in the Henderson/Vegas area), notify me either on Facebook, my phone, or comment on this blog post. Now since it was my first meeting and sampling I don't think many of my friends understood what the party was all about and only 1 of the 80+ people I invited showed up at the park the day of the party. I was resourceful and I did pass out all of the pamphlets and coupons to friends and two others that were at the park during the meeting. The friend that showed up enjoyed the meats and cheeses and her kids did as well, one who had never tried Swiss cheese ate a slice and enjoyed it so much he asked for more. Another mom that happened to be at the park during the get together liked the fact the meat wasn't slimey. The biggest draw was that the meats had no nitrates, the second best thing was the organic selection, and the third thing that was most commented about (even with the moms that I gave samples to while waiting to pick up kids from school) was the availability of the meats and cheeses. My kids aren't big lunch meat eaters, but my youngest was enjoying slices of the organic turkey without bread. My children did enjoy the ham and turkey, and cheddar and Swiss cheese in baked crescent rolls. I enjoyed the ham, organic turkey, and the cheddar cheese. I am not a huge fan of Swiss cheese to start with and the herb turkey had a strange taste to me so it wasn't easy for me to eat. Here is a picture of the meats and cheeses that were sent to me and we haven't tried the hot dogs yet but intend to soon.

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