Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A few more sites

I knew I would forget some of the freebie sites that I have signed up for.

PinchMe: This site has samples once a month at a Noon central time. Here is their link and my referral code https://www.pinchme.com/ 4PCCH

 Toluna: This site has surveys after surveys and sample products, you request and wait and see if you get selected. https://us.toluna.com/

SampleSource is like PinchMe, but their samples are less frequent from what I've noticed. : https://www.samplesource.com/

Now one thing I forgot to mention is sometimes these samples take awhile to get to your home, many take 4-6  weeks after requesting and longer since you have to be approved. They do come though so be patient.
Now here are some of my favorite blogs that have the links to different sites that have brands samples.  They usually have the same samples and things, but sometimes they are different and their blogs and facebook posts are unique to the blogger.




http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/ This site I have a link already on the side of my blog.

I think I'll add their links to the side of my blog as well. I need to clean that up since some of the references for free activities are outdated.  

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