Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend events

It's Friday! Here are toay and tonight's freebies and activites.
Friday the 18th of June is free Jetty Petty Smothies for the first 500 customers wearing flip-flops at Tropical Smoothie.
Tonight is an chance to see Ronald McDonald in person at the McDonalds on Boulder Highway and Lake Mead starting at 6:30 PM. They also have coupons with their flyer for a $1.99 Hamburger Happy Meal. Meeting Ronald McDonald events they have prizes and usually everyone wins. Once my kids won an entire Happy Meal Wizard of Oz toy collection.
Friday June 18th the free movie tonight is at The District and it's: Planet 51
The District
also has Music on Main Street and Friday the 18th of June it's: Jeffrey Allen from 6 PM- 9PM This is a great way to support local and regional artists.

Before posting tomorrow's activities, there are plenty, I wanted to comment about Thursday's Storytime Tales at the Galleria. First of all the kids and I were late, I thought there'd be another half hour, but was mistaken. The Tales last aprox. 30 minutes starting at 9:30AM and it counts towards the summer reading program.
Next Thursday the 24th the Fratello Marionettes will be doing three fairy tales, I plan on going. Thursday July 1 will be Artic Tales
July 8: Puppet Show
July 15th PBS Keeping Kids Fit!
(my kids love PBS kids)
July 22: Puppet Show
July 29: Julie Austin Returns!
August 5: Puppets and More
(this should be the most fun since I assume it's their last one, all of them are fun though.)

OK so on Saturday the 19th JoAnn's has a cards for kids to make for their fathers and granfathers. Also this week JoAnn's is having a great sale on summer themed items and garden decor. I went today and saved MORE than I spent.
Every Saturday Lakeshore Learning Centers have crafts for kids from 11 AM-3 PM. This Saturday June 19th it's: a Father's Day Notepad Holder click this link to see a picture and next week's craft:

Between June 5th-July 11th Bass Pro Shops
has their Family Summer Camp. Every Saturday and Sunday they have activities from Noon-6PM They have activites like casting a fishing line, archery, identification of different animals and plants. Here's the link for the pictures and activities they offer:

Also this Saturday the 19th of June the free movie at The District is an edited version of : The Blind Side
The Music on Main Street
is by The Brothers

Since the weekend is usually when people decide to splurge and go out to eat I wanted to add my eating out deals. I am a self proclaimed fast food junkie, too much of one but I use coupons and survey codes to keep it as cheap as possible. First tip: that I have is if you have a favorite eating out location take part of their loyalty programs, they send straight to your mailbox,inbox, cell phone, wall post whereever you allow them to discounts to their place of business. Also become a Fan on facebook for deals. Most have birthday programs so you can celebrate your birthay with food you enjoy eating that you usually cut back on other days. Second tip: always check your reciept for a survery. If there is a survey, take it! Capriottis you get $3 off your next sandwich, which if you only get the small is 50% off. Panda Express you get a free entree when you buy a three item combo. My sister tipped me off about this trick with Panda, you can order a two-item combo and the third item can be your kids' item. Sonic you get a code for a free route 44 soda. Pick Up Stix you get a free appetizer up to $6. Some surveys you only are helping the employees when you call and take it, so if your friend works there and you call you give your friend good reviews. Also with this tip go to the companies website and leave a message about some of their products and they might send you special coupons you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I did this when I had an issue with a promotion at a fast food place, I didn't get a coupon right away, but I did later in the mail get two coupons to get a free food item. We as consumers are the ones that keep places in business, they want our feedback. Third tip: just look at the ads and coupons in the mail, throw out the ones you won't use at all and keep the ones you will. Taco Bell had coupons for free regular sized drinks of their new products, along with the normal buy1get1 free. Smiths had a sale where you bought 10 utems on the list you get a Free Digital choice code to use. I got 2 free movie tickets from that, up to $12. They also have a stand that you buy three items from you get a code to rent a movie for a night from Redbox. Fourth tip: check your friends' pages and blogs, word of mouth is a quick way to spread the news about free goodies. Fifth tip: Kids Eat Free many resturants now have nights that kis eat free. Panda Express, Quiznos, Dennys, and IHOP as far as I'm aware every night kids eat free with a purchase of an adult meal, drinks are not included. There are others and I'll look them up and write about them later, it's late/early now so I'll stop and post a reminder to read about the deals on Facebook.

Except I remembered I wanted to write about the Galleria Mall has a free program, that I thought was the same thing as the library's Storytime Tales, called Fun at Sun Kids Club the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 10:30 AM in the food court. Also at the Galleria is The Ends of The Earth exhibit and they have group rates of 15 or more $2, you have to call ahead though. This is brought to us by they have a ton of other events some Free some not. The link is the best place to see what they have. I might post some of their concert series events as well.
Mall website

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments here, on Facebook, my e-mail, snail mail, phone, or even in person.

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