Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trying something new

As times are tough I've come to the realization that I need to help in one way or another. Since I'm not entirely qualified for a full time job with the skills that I have I am going to post about free or semi-free deals that I find out about around the Las Vegas Valley. I will be posting reminders on Facebook the day of a free event to look her to see. I will also have links to look at the actual website the information comes from if people want to look ahead. As some might notice on the side of my blog will now be Ads for different things. I have agreed to have my blog have these Ads in an effort to earn a bit of extra money. I figured I'm already giving away free advertising for different resturants, theatres, the library, ect... I might as well earn some money, especially since I haven't found a job that allows me to inform all my friends about what's going on around town or found a single website that has the ease to find the information. I might not have everything on here that interests people, but if you do find out about some free event or free food send me a message and I'll post as soon as I find out and you can send people here to get all the info. Unless like me you have no issues with e-mailing everyone in your contact list or calling everyone in your cell when there's free food at a resturant or a coupon you can get when you go to their website. I will be laying out the different events that are free for children first since that is where my majority of friends and I am at in life right now, then free food, and lastly any great deals for locals at different shows. This is the introduction post, the next one will have all the goodies.

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