Monday, June 13, 2016

RoosterFin Games

I have this blog not only to share the deals around town, but also to review products that I get for free to review. Last week on June 7th, 2016 I got the chance to host a RoosterFin Summer Break Party thanks to RoosterFin Games and Tryazon.  I stumbled upon Tryazon from a friend's link or a blogger, can't recall now, but I applied for their party. Before Tryazon I had never heard or noticed Roosterfin Games. As it was my first experience with Tryazon I was a bit hesitant about really getting the products, I know there are some sites that aren't always trustworthy.
Tryazon is trustworthy and they do send the products if you are selected to host. After being selected I looked up more about Roosterfin Games and "liked" them on Facebook. They have some fun game titles, here is their link  They are available on Amazon as well.
 I was excited when my box of games came, as were my kids. They wanted to start playing the games we got right then. Again being new to Tryazon I did not want to start something before knowing what they wanted from me as a host. They have a policy that I think is a fair one, but one I have not encountered before, "if chosen as a host and you do not uphold your end of the agreement by actually having a party, posting on social media, writing reviews, and doing the end of party survey, you are responsible for sending the items you received back to Tryazon." I think that is fair because it holds the hosts accountable for their party and the items they received for free. I was also impressed by the e-mails that were sent to help plan the party and to also check-in on any questions that I might have had about hosting. I asked if it was OK to hold the party before their scheduled date due to the fact that more could attend sooner rather than later, I got a quick response of yes and they would take note. They did suggest waiting until after the scheduled date that they had to post on social media, which I did wait.

The games that we played were Monkeys Up for ages 6+ and up to 6 players, Turtle Flip for ages 6+ and 2-4 players, and PongCano is for ages 8+ and 1-6 players  RoosterFin has YouTube videos to show how to play the games, I watched them and was still a bit confused. When I read the directions the YouTube videos made more sense to me.

My kids and I tried the games out before the party and learned in Monkeys Up when the die rolls onto the word Flip you only Flip monkeys that are not numbers up. The point of Monkeys Up is to get the highest amount of points with the monkeys you have. The game has one dice (which I know is usually a die, but typing it I think of death), and on the dice it has the words "flip, reverse, switch, and steal." Every player starts with 3 monkeys and all of the monkeys are down, meaning all of the numbers are not showing. There is X-15 (X=0) written on the monkeys. The players can look at their monkey's numbers but not at any others', unless it has been flipped to the up(number showing) position. The game stops when one player has at least 3 Monkeys Up, the players total the amount on the monkeys and whoever has the highest amount wins. We enjoyed this game and it does teach math skills. I would and have recommended this game to friends. The red monkeys remind me of the monkeys in a barrel.

The next game that we played was Turtle Flip. When I watched the video on how to play all I saw was cards moving and smaller cards being used. After getting the game and reading the instructions the video made more sense. I thought while playing this game it was like Monkeys Up in a card version. Instead of a dice you have tokens (the smaller cards) and they have directions on them, "to the right, to the left, and flip." Each player starts with one card and one token, each you can view as a player, but do not share with the others. Then each player takes turns taking a token and choosing between two tokens. If the token says "to the right" all the cards upside down are slid to the person to the right of each player. If the token says "to the left" all the cards upside down are slid to the left. If the token says "flip" all cards are flipped and the player with the highest card gets the "flip" token and that token is kept by that player until a player gets 3 "flip" tokens. The cards that were flipped are discarded and each player starts with a new card after every flip. This game is fun, but can get a bit confusing if all of the players are not paying attention to what is going on. There is some strategy to the game and it has helped me win against my children, they haven't figured out my secret and I'm not sharing it here as I have offered to have friends come over to play.

The third game we played was PongCano. This game comes with a ping pong ball, a volcano, and chips. To start the volcano is n the middle of all the players (a table is good for this). Then the chips are evenly passed out between the players and if there are any extra then the go into the volcano. Each player takes a turn bouncing the ball into the volcano. If the player misses they have to put a token into the volcano. If the player gets the ball into the volcano the player wins the tokens in the volcano. The game is over when one player has all the tokens. This game seemed to be the favorite game of the group, it also was the most difficult because getting the ball into the volcano was tricky.
I did get these games for free, the opinions are 100% mine and those of my party guests. There are some pictures of where I set up the games in my house at the beginning of this post.

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