Monday, June 27, 2016

Review of Sterno S'mores Maker

On Friday the 24th I hosted a party thanks to Tryazon and Sterno. I was selected by Tryazon to host the Sterno S'mores Party. I received 2 Sterno S'mores makers, 2 packages of extra Sterno gas cans (2 cans in each package), coupons for guests to use for purchase of their own S'mores maker, and $15 Target gift card to purchase S'more supplies. I was excited to host another Tryazon party (here is their link if you want to apply for a party and the S'mores theme. I made S'more brownies, caramel popcorn balls, and bought S'mores pretzels. I set up lights for outside and had light up sling shot copters to entertain the kids who were done eating the S'mores. The S'mores maker was a hit. The most difficult part of setting up was opening the Sterno can, everything else was easy. The skewers were the perfect size to roast marshmallows with and you can have all of the ingredients out on the maker ready to go. I thought the marshmallows would melt on the top row because they were close to the Sterno can, but they didn't. Also the can burns for an hour. I am not a fan of fires in the middle of summer because it is too hot where we live, even at night time. The Sterno S'mores maker allows my children to have s'mores without going into the heat or even traveling to a cooler place. I also am not a fan of the smoke camp fires create so another plus for the Sterno S'mores maker since there is little (when a child puts the marshmallow too close to the cover) to no smoke from it. The clean up it easy as well, the flame cover's handles stay cool to remove off of the can to take out the used can. I gave the maker 4 stars out of 5 because I would like more roasting forks so my kids can all roast at the same time. Here is a link from Amazon to purchase it: 


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