Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th- May 22nd 2016

I remember why I stopped blogging for a bit, I would forget on Sunday evenings and then I'd feel bad if I didn't add anything in time for someone to catch it. However I have mentioned in posts past that if I haven't posted for the week, the links to the side of my blog are the links I use for my information.

There is a deal that many locals might enjoy on Monday the 16th and Monday the 23rd at Cowabunga Bay. From 3 PM- 7 PM you can get into the water park for $9.99
Here is the link to purchase tickets

Monday May 16th

Tuesday May 17th: Funset Kids Club at The Galleria Mall at 10:30 AM

Picnic and a Movie at Paseo Verde library 6 PM-7:30 PM

Wednesday May 18th: Storytime in the Square at Town Square

Thursday May 19th: Container Park has the movie Enchanted at 7:30 PM

Friday May 20th: Tivioli Village is showing The Good Dinosaur at 7 PM

Saturday May 21st:
Lakeshore Learning has their free craft and it's a twist and twirl spinner 11 AM-3 PM

ThankoRama Storytime at Barnes & Noble at 11 AM

Bass Pro Shop has a Go Camping event going on from 11 AM-2 PM

Movie at The District is Finding Nemo at 7:30 PM

Micheal's Stores has a kids craft event on Saturdays that cost $2 and are from 10 AM- Noon

An event that costs $10 for a meet and greet for Alice in Wonderland is happening Saturday at Tivioli Village 

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