Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Been Gone, need to do a review

This is not one of my typical list of activities posts. This is another review of a product that I got free to sample and share thanks to Bzzagent.com What I received was Coppertone ClearySheer Sunscreen. In my kit I got coupons, a full sized bottle, two travel sized spray on bottles, and two travel sized lotion bottles. This bzzkit (buzz) came just in time for us to use for my children and their outdoor field trips. My oldest took one of the travel sized spray bottles with her to a baseball game field trip and was covered and protected from the sun. It was so easy for her to use and have to reapply without any help. My son then had a park day field trip and needed sunscreen for that, he took the other travel sized spray on bottle. He was not as diligent in reapplying, but he did have some on before leaving for school (which was fine since the smell of it was better than other brands sunscreen). My daughter also needed it for a field trip for an outdooor museum, she again used her container and she was happy to use it since it was easy to put on and didn't smell bad. I used the full sized lotion of Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreen when I took my younger children to the park. I was impressed how easily it went on and there was no messy feel and the scent surprised me the most. While my kids were playing at the park there are water features and I was concerned the sunscreen would streak or get into their eyes while running through the water, it didn't happen. No sunscreen in the eyes with lotion sunscreen makes me a fan. Another thing I want to mention is usually after wearing sunscreen immediately when we get home showers are needed to rinse it off because most sunscreens are so heavy, Coppertone ClearlySheer is not heavy at all. I didn't notice it on me or feel the urgency to rinse off like I do with other brands. I recommend Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen to use it smells good, feels good, and works well to protect you and your family's skin against the rays sun.


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