Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good2Grow bzzz

Here's another review of a product that I received free thanks to being part of bzzagent.com. I got the Good2Grow juices and character no-spill tops. Being a mom of 4 no-spill tops I am a bit skeptical about since I've bought so many "no-spill" lids and cups and things like that and someway they've all spilled. I hit the jackpot and this do not spill. I had my older kids (11 and 9) put the juices full upside down over their heads, no spills and no drips! Perfect for my younger kids to carry around their juice and not worry about a sticky spill where they leave it. Another  great thing is the juice tastes great that my 5 year old thought she was drinking apple juice even though she was drinking juice with beets in it. I am glad to have found this product and I passed out the coupons I got from the bzzkit to parents at the school my kids go to. Thanks Good2Grow for a great product and thanks bzzagent for selecting me.

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