Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Proclamation- not an activities post

I statred my blog and posting about activities because I like to share information, also because I have a family that I like to do things with. Doing my blog reminds me of weekly activities that I want to do with my kids, my spouse, and my friends. So there's a blog that is celebrating family and the Family Proclamation that the LDS church has published to the world. So to be a part of the celebration I am to blog about family and link the other blog's link to my blog.

Not everyone has to link to the blog or even like this, but this is my blog so I get to do with it what I want. I will still post weekly activities, but I will have some family ones mingled inbetween some activity posts. If you don't want to read it, don't and know it will be labeled Family so you can skip it. Please don't leave any comments on my posts if they are negative in nature, if there are any comments that draw away from the openness of my blog I will delete the comment and have to privatize my blog and I don't want to do that because I think everyone likes to know about Free activities. I am aware people are allowed to have freedom of speech on open forums, but people also need to be respectful of others. I've seen that on Facebook people can be disrepctful, this is why I'm writing these boundaries. On the other hand if you do like this and decide to participate mention my name when you post a comment on the other blog, then I can get more entries. I get a lot of information when I enter contests, one reason I enter and the other reason is I like to get free things.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Welcome to the party! I'm sure it'll be a wonderful experience for all of us!