Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Things to do and the TruMoo/GooseBumps giveaway link

Friday Night
 Outdoor Picture Show at The District "Frankenweenie"

City of Henderson "Crazy Spokes Festival" is at Mission Hills Park 10 AM-2 PM
Bike Parade at 11:30 AM $1[command]=search&sday=1&smonth=10&syear=2013&eday=31&emonth=10&eyear=2013#crazy-spokes

Positively Kids Lucky Duck Festival at Town Square Noon $5 to adopt 1 duck

LakeShore Learning  Pumpkin Patch Door Hanger 11 AM-3 PM

Micheals The Knack $2 craft is Bandana Masks 10 AM-11:30 AM,default,pg.html?#kidsclub

Toys R Us Cra-A-Loom Bracelet Making event 10 AM-Noon (info at the bottom of the page)

Lowes Build in Grow they are building a Spooky Stacker 10 AM-Noon

Barnes & Noble Local Author Book signing Phyllis Hughley-Edwards 1 PM

Shakespeare In The Park The Comedy of Errors
6 PM Green Show
7 PM
Discovery Park
2011 Paseo Verde Parkway[command]=search&sday=1&smonth=10&syear=2013&eday=31&emonth=10&eyear=2013#crazy-spokes

Outdoor Picture Show at The District "ParaNorman"

Starting the 19th of October Bass Pro Shops will be having Halloween crafts and activities

This Goosebumps and TruMoo Vacation Giveaway goes until October 31st, 2013

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