Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well I haven't posted in more than a month, but I also haven't had any complaints about it. This coming Monday (Jan 23rd) Panda Express is having free single serving of Firecracker chicken, you most likely need to go to their website to get the coupon to print it, I got the coupon in my e-mail.
Also if you sign up for PF Chang's Warrior club an e-mail ,most likely will be sent for a free order of lettuce wraps. I was already signed up for their Warrior club so received it automatically.

There are story times across the valley on various days, but not much else is happening for this weekend, but next weekend there will be a few events.

There is a new feature at the Bellagio Conservatory for the Chinese New Year, here is the link I found the info at

The House of Blues is doing free entertainment

On the side of my blog I have the links and the majority of them work so if I don't post and you can feel free to comment and I'll respond as soon as I can or you can see what I find. I also have a button for a giveaway at a fun blog named artsy-fartsymama. If I have the button on my blog I get more entries into her giveaways. It's a cool blog check it out

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Catherine Noorda said...

thanks! yah it sounds like there isn't too much going on this week. maybe there will be more around valentines day and i know there's always tons of fun stuff around easter. it was great so see you yesterday morning! wasn't that a great morning fireside? are you going tonight? i'm going to try to.