Monday, July 26, 2010

Last week of Regal's Family Film Fest

All month in August free admission for children at Springs Preserve.

Thursday August 19th Free The Chefs of Wolfgang Puck Master Cooking Series
Thursday night August 19th: Free Vertical Horizon and Crash Kings Concert at The Rio Voodoo Beach doors open at 5:30PM concert starts at 6PM brought to us by 107.9 click here to print tickets:

Galleria Mall
Tuesday at 10:30 AM is the Fun At Sun Kids Club downstairs in front of Kohls.
Wednesday at 7-8:30 PM there will be a Science Lecture about "The search for Life on Mars"
Saturday from 10AM-4PM Bone Marrow drive in front of JCPenney
Sunday from 11AM-6PM blood drive in front of Dick's Sporting Goods

Regal Movies Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM
Village Square
at Sahara: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Monsters Vs. Aliens
The Colonnade
at Eastern: The Pirates who Don't Do Anything and Astro Boy

The Silverton Tuesday night Date Night
$5 buffet and a free movie at 7:30 Pm this Tuesday's movie is: Some Like It Hot

Lake Las Vegas
Thursday night Movies Al Fresco 8PM
movie is: Up
Friday night Live 7PM-10PM: Voodoo Cowboys
Friday Night: Loews' at Lake Las Vegas Arabesque Lounge has 50% menu items and 9PM movie is: Out Of Africa
Saturday Jazz on the Lake 7PM-10PM: Ghalib Ghallab

The District at Green Valley Ranch
Outdoor Picture Show 7:30 PM;
Friday: The Jungle Book 2
Saturday: Extraordinary Measures
Music on Main Street 6PM-9PM; Friday: Acoustic Acadamy
Saturday: Jump, Jive and Wail

Thursday Night at Town Square is the last Movie in the Square it starts at Dusk and the movie is: Bolt

Fremont Experience has nightly concerts, there are more than one a night so I don't list them, click the link on the side to see the schedule.

As always if I find out about other free events I'll post them. I am invited to some direct sales parties this week as well so if you are interested in ordering something post a comment and I'll send an e-mail with the info of the party and the consultant. I know people on many sides of town for many different products. Consultants I know who you are (you've invited me) so I'll pass your info along if someone asks.

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